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Meeting held on 11-16-2013


Pacific Northwest Outrigger Racing Canoe Association Annual Meeting – Asian Pacific Cultural Center, Tacoma, Wa.


Meeting Minutes

November 16th, 2013


Aloha PNW-ORCA Members,

Mahalo to all of the Club Representatives, Coaches and Leaders  that made it at to our Annual PNW-ORCA meeting at the Asia Pacific Cultural Center in Tacoma, WA.  Another year of record number of attendee’s that sacrificed their time away from their Ohana to help us work through our Agenda and get it done!  We appreciate all you folks do for our clubs and paddlers!  You all are our drivers in guiding our paddlers to enjoy this same passion we all love.  Mahalo Nui Loa!

This year we recognized Lance Mamiya from the Tri-Cities Outrigger Canoe Club  a Head Coach, Paddler, Leader and now our PNW-ORCA Ambassador who made an impact of representing our region with top paddlers from the Pacific Northwest and taking them through the Ka’iwi Channel from Moloka’I to Oahu.  For many years has shared his Aloha & Mana’o with clubs and paddlers from our region and around the world, made a network of friends and shared that knowledge and friendship by connecting our paddlers to experience the racing abroad especially the Moloka’I Ho’e.  This year was the 1st year he formed a Pacific Northwest Wahine team and coach them to a 32nd finish in the Na Wahine O Ke Kai – Moloka’I to Oahu race.  All of these years he has being doing it with his own resources and of course using his passion for the Culture of Outrigger Canoe Paddling with Aloha.  Please congratulate him and show your appreciation for his accomplished legendary works for our PNW Paddlers.  Mahalo Lance for putting us on the map and making us proud!


So here is your PNW-ORCA Meeting Minutes for November 16th, 2013:


Clubs Present: Hui Heihei Wa’a, Seattle OCC, Mountain Home CC, Hui Wa’a O Wakinikona OCC, Sail Sand Point OCC, Pacific OCC, Tri-Cities OCC, Wasabi Paddling Club, Kai Ikaika PC, Hui Wa’a O Puget Sound, Columbia River OCC, Kikaha O Ke Kai OCC, Autumn Rose CC, Bend OCC, Bellingham Bay OP and new club Hood River OCC.

PNW-ORCA Officers Present: Torey Browne – Treasurer, Jono Saunders – Race Chairman, Brenda Chun Fook – Secretary and Boy Chun Fook – President.


1.         Pule – Stan Dahlin of Hui Wa’a O Wakinikona


2.         Opening Statement – Boy experienced a Journey from Port Townsend to Neah Bay this past July:

This past July I was honored and actually asked twice to join the 2nd leg of a Journey that started in Seattle to Port Townsend for the 1st leg and do the 2nd leg from Port Townsend to Neah Bay, 108 miles in two days.  Somehow, I had an open weekend to make the Journey and I’m really glad and blessed to have joined a team of paddlers from the Seattle Va’a Association, Sail Sand Point Outrigger and Kai Ikaika Paddling Club. 

Joe and Jessica Ferguson with the help from Jono Saunders organized and planned this journey for almost 2 years and what an spiritual experience feeling I have ever felt out of all my 27 years of paddling.  This was an experience I will never forget and wish all of our paddlers to at least experience a journey of this kind once to bring them back to be awareness of our surroundings, the life of the land and waters.

We paddled a V6 Va’a “Kaigani” that was built by Jono Saunders and took his V6 for the 1st voyage ever and never be done through the Straits of Juan de Fuca to Neah Bay.  Wow, we experienced all kinds of currents, navigating obstacles, landing terrain, thick foggy weather, huge kelp beds, reef/boulders, steep cliff views,  wildlife and most of all meeting the Makah Tribe at the end of our Journey.


We had to ask permission to land at every spot, raise our paddles and change out paddlers which we did 8 to 12 mile per leg.  We launched off to each spot which was either googled or a spot Jono knew from his surfing days on that coast.  Our car paddlers would fuel up with food, energy gels or drinks and get some rest for the next leg.  We all camped at a halfway point (Cresent Beach) and enjoyed a feast that each paddler shared for dinner.  The next day was I think the most challenge and unknown conditions of waters with landings that we will encountered but we did it.

Then the Makah Tribe welcomed us at Neah Bay with chants and drums then I exchanged a Homai Hawaiian Chant and we ended with a I Ku Mau Mau Chant.  We exchanged Ho’okupu (gifts) and then the feast began with music, Indian Tacos, and smoked salmon.  We met lot of the Makah Tribal Leaders and Elders and some ended up paddling Kaigani out in the bay.

I met Uncle Bob Cabunoc brother who is a Makah Tribe elder and he mentioned that before Uncle Bob past he wanted to do a cultural exchange and I told him we will honor that vision he had and plan one in the coming years to make this exchange happen.

Again this was a journey experience I will never forget and hope to make another one in the near future.  Like I also said, we always training to be the best crew out there but a journey experience like this one will humble your paddling culture in your heart and make you come back to the roots awareness of our passion for OC paddling and you’ll feel the Mana (Spirit) every time you get in your OC.

So please paddlers, keep your ears open for the next journey or cultural exchange that will happen in the near future.


3.         Treasurer report:

a.         Torey read the treasure report and explained some of the expenses were low this year but we are still expecting to break even each year with the current revenue and budgeted balanced in our bank account.

b.         Financial report for 2013 was given to all clubs breaking down the expenses and revenue.  Our beginning balance were $11,482.28, Revenue of $10,559.00, Expenses of $8,247.85 and current balance of $13,793.43.  Approved by all clubs to be accepted.


4.         World Sprints update – Torey Browne – IVF Vice President and PNW IVF Delegate

a.         2014 Rio World Sprints August 12th to 15th – Cost $4500 - $5000 per paddler for travel, lodging and expenses.

b.         Lodging packages is recommended - $300 per night per person, 50% down due to reserve.  Visa is hard to acquire because of proof of airfare, employment, bank account, one month hold on passport $185 cost for Visa.

c.         Robbing and violent at knife point attacks occurred on IVF Delegates the 1st 4 hours off the plane in Rio.  So safety and security problems is a concern for anyone making this trip.  Absolutely no youth divisions will be offered.

d.         Canadian Paddlers are hiring security agents to keep their paddlers safe.  No paddlers are allowed to travel at night.

PNW Club members had concerns but still wanted a bullet point detailed info on costs, logistics and venue info for the 2014 Rio World sprints in case any of our PNW paddlers want to make the trip.  Torey will be sending that out next week.  Corky asked if the venue itself will be safe and Torey said most likely but its getting back to your lodging area is some concerned.  Deadline for PNW Paddler Participation is December 15th next month.  Please notify Torey.



e.         2016 World Sprints – Australia, May of 2016

            PNW-ORCA/Mainland – 19 and under, open and masters – elite division. 1 paddler for V-1 in each division. 4- 5 days, clubs best in your area (mainland) in each category 2 entries for each division for PNW-ORCA area.  USACK will fund for time trials 2016 world sprints. Total of 6 entries for mainland group, 2 from California, 2 from PNW-ORCA, 1 from East Coast and 1 elite team.  Elite teams might be funded.


5.         PNW Winter Series:

a.         All Host clubs are responsible to summit their race packets at least 1 month before their race.  They are also responsible for collecting $5.00 per race number issued and record in the data base that is available with the race number container.  

b.         Winter Series Host Club’s will need to charge $5 per set of race numbers and mark on the data sheet in the race number container, what numbers were distributed.  Each Host club need to verify what numbers are in inventory before distribution and mark what numbers that was not paid for and report that to Torey.

c.         Dan Prince mentioned Hui Heihei Wa’a venue might change to a down winder depending conditions will let all clubs 5 days in advance.

d.         Boy mention that Gig Harbor Cup is on April 5th and 6th of 2014 and that we move WS championships to April 12th.


Winter Series Race Schedule 2014:

January 11, 2014                    Lake Union Washington                    Wakinikona OCC

January 25, 2014                    B.C.  Canada                           Jericho OCC

February 08, 2014                  Portland, OR                           Mountain Home OCC

February 22, 2014                  Silverdale Washington                       Hui Heihei Wa’a

March 08, 2014                                  B.C. Canada                            False Creek CC

March 22, 2014                                  Portland, OR                           Kai Ikaika OCC

April 12, 2014                        Lake Washington                   Sail Sand Point OCC

Each host club will pay a $50.00 host race fee to PNW-ORCA and host club keeps all revenues.

Races will start at 11:00am

PNW-ORCA Annual Small boat race schedule 2014:

Wildside relay  -  Stevenson,  Washington      -  TBA

Ruston Way Solo/Relay -  Tacoma, Washington  -  Oct. 18, 2014



6.         2014 OC-6 Race Schedule

a.         All Host clubs are responsible to summit their race packets at least 1 month before their race.

b.         We have to emphasize the need to help Timmy and Aunty Jeanie to set up and breakdown before, during and after races.  Everyone tends to enjoy themselves after the races and forget to help our escort officials with breaking down and loading Timmy’s boat and truck.  Please Kokua if you see that help is not being done.

c.         Jono thanked Lance Kahn and Sabine Jessel for standing in his absence at races. 

d.         Jono will update race rules and send the board to view and approve wording.       

e.         There will be an annual race committee Friday, July 18, 2014 at the Gorge.  Please ensure your club has a representative there that was appointed to be on the race committee.  At least one  person from each club.

f.          Sabine mention that not all Portland clubs are coming to the sprint regattas, it should association attendance whenever possible to support host clubs.  Heidi explained that some sprint races are conflicting with dragon boat races.        

g.         All sprint pre-registration should be in by Tuesday (5 days before race day). If coaches do have a clear idea of how many crews they will be sending its best to send it and then cancel on Friday or race day because adding a crew on race day will cause confusions and change of lane assignments.

h.         Heidi explained to clubs that the second division club points made an incentive for smaller clubs to attend with the possibly of taking home a trophy.

i.          Cris Trimble will look into the Vancouver Lake availability for Sprints Championships. Day of sprint championships is conflicting with a major dragon boat racing event in Canada.

j.          Heidi explained the Coed issue and clubs having minimum of 3 women and at least 1 male to consist an official Coed crew Jono will send out new rule change. This was voted by all clubs and passed.  Open men division will remain the same.  If a women paddles with the men they will then become unofficial.

k.         Gorge update – J.D. race fees will be going up. Reasons -  Camping and  City and fair ground fees have doubled, and for safety reasons more escort/safety boats need to be added.  Racing conditions has been epic and J.D. requires all coaches or clubs to enter only experienced paddlers/swimmers and the knowledge of what to do in a huli situation.  All paddlers will need to be able to climb into a canoe/boat.  A Mandatory Safety Meeting will be Friday night at the Gorge.  JD mentioned that all canoes in trouble will be told they need to head back to shore and call it a day by his discretion.  All clubs need to take the Gorge more serious and only enter crews that are experienced paddlers.  All coaches please make the right decisions when selecting your crews.  Dave Chun mention that we have been lucky these past years at the Gorge.  J.D. is making it mandatory for ALL paddlers to wear a PFD.  Heidi expressed minimum standard to submit crews and not expect safety escort boats to save you.  Corky expressed 3 or more escorts is a liability wording in our rules.  John explained huli drills with Kikaha and Seattle implemented Gorge tow boat hook up and has been working.  Sabine mentioned that safety first and stop to help a crew if needed.  E-mail Dave Chun at of ideas on how we can signal the safety escort boat when a canoe is in trouble.  BBOP mentioned PFD might be required at there race venue.




PNW-ORCA OC-6 Race Schedule  2014:

April 26, 2014 Rusty Iron

Frenchman’s Bar, Vancouver, WA – Pacific OCC


May 10, 2014 Bellingham Bay Iron

Boulevard Park, Bellingham, WA. – Bellingham Bay OP


May 17, 2014 Manu K Baker Sprints

Spanaway Lake, Spanaway, WA – Kikaha O Ke Kai OCC


May 24, 2014 Na Po’e O Ke Kai Sprints

Green Lake, Seattle, WA – Hui Wa’a O Waikinikona OCC


May 31, 2014 RATI (Race around the island)

Chinook Landing, Fairview, OR – Columbia River OCC


June 7, 2014 Hui Heihei Wa’a Sprints

Waterfront Park, Silverdale, WA – Hui Heihei Wa’a


June 14, 2014 Hui Wa’a O Puget Sound Regatta

Silver Lake, Everett, WA – Hui Wa’a O Puget Sound OCC


June 21, 2014 PNW-ORCA Sprint Championships



June 28, 2014 Rooster Rock Race

Rooster Rock OR, Mountain Home CC


July 19 – 20, 2014 Gorge distance and small boat race

Stevenson, WA – Waterwalker JD Davies


August 2, 2014 Seattle Grind

Alki Beach,   Seattle , WA – Seattle OCC


August 23, 2014 PNW-Outrigger Challenge

Sand Point Beach, WA – Sail Sand Point and Kikaha OCC


September 13, 2014 Mulkiteo Distance

Mulkiteo Beach Park, Mulkiteo, WA. – Hui Wa’a O Puget Sound


September 20, 2014 PNW-ORCA Long Distance Championships

Lummi Reservations, WA – Autumn Rose CC


7.         Website update:

a.         Doug will post race results with only excel, spreadsheet, Lotus 123 or similar formats because Google Docs will only accept that formats.  No PDF or Word files can be posted.  All race results be can sent to then sent to clubs and paddlers to be reviewed then to Melissa Swanson to be corrected and verified then officially sent to Doug Nichols by Boy.   Doug mentioned that only host race club or himself that can make changes to the race results. 

b.         Jono mentioned about spam on google.  Boy will ask Doug about filtering ads from google.

c.         Erinie will e-mail Boy on how to export web scorer results to excel or google docs.



8.         PNW-ORCA Membership & Host Race Fee’s :

a.         Club Membership Dues are due January 1, 2014

$200.00 PNW-ORCA membership dues

$100.00 PNW-ORCA host race fee

$50.00 PNW-ORCA winter series host race fee

Make checks payable to PNW-ORCA and send to:

Torey Browne at 1316 Maple Street, Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034


9.         USACK Insurance update:

a.         Each paddler/club must write the paddlers USACK numbers on the registration forms  “ON FILE” will not be accepted.

b.         USACK Membership Fee’s are the same as 2013!

$40 – Adults

$25 – Juniors

$75 – Family

$15 – Event Only

$100 – Club membership

c.         Boy mentioned that each club need to get USACK Club membership to cover practices, events, meetings or fundraisers and send that list of events to USACK to be sanctioned

d.         Boy asked to thank Gerald Baboa at USACK for keeping the same rates for our membership.  Boy also mentioned that clubs not renew you insurance on line, Boy will ask Gerald to send the 2014 membership forms. I will send out.


10.       Head Race Official Update:

a.         It was mentioned that all hosts clubs provide help Aunty Jean Cabunoc with setting up and breaking down race official tent so that our officials can concentrate on official duties before and after the races. Recently at couple races host clubs left without helping to the end of races to load on equipment, so please designate a helper to stay back and help out.

b.           Race Escort Fees are as follows: 

Distance - $150.00 plus .60 a mile mileage from home to race and race to home.

                       Sprints - $200.00 plus .60 a mile mileage from home to race and race to home

Currently the $.60 per mile has been the mileage fee unless gar prices heads up, honor system is encouraged.


11.       New business:

a.         Boy mentioned towing issues this past year, most clubs has a system in place to get reimbursed for towing.  All clubs need to ask canoe borrowers to help with towing and help with off-loading rigging and loading.  Canoes borrowed at Sprints has been provided by the local Washington clubs.  It is the distance races that borrowed canoes are ordered and sometimes canceled at the last minute and those clubs should reimbursed the club they borrowed from.

b.        Open steersman issue for a Novice crew was again brought up to the clubs for a definition.  It was approved that a Novice Steersman can be an experience paddler with 2 or more years of racing experience but still be considered as a Novice steersperson if they only have 2 years or less of steer racing experience.  Wording of this rule will be written out by Jono.  So a Novice crew with an Open Steersperson will still be considered as an Open Crew or Age Division crew entry.

c.         James Jackman mentioned that all Novices paddlers are defined as paddlers with 2 years or less of race experience no matter from what Association you came from.   If you have more than 2 years of racing experience you are considered an Open or Age Divisional paddler.

d.         Boy introduced Josh Sceva of Hood River Outrigger Canoe Club our new addition to PNW-ORCA and welcomed him to our association.



Meeting adjourned at 1:30pm